Getting an eyeful of beautiful photos will make your dreams even more beautiful.

Ile Tudy
My website is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary. What a long journey since the very first version in 2001, both in terms of mileage and shooting techniques as well as IT headaches!
Today again, with the rise of smartphones and tablets and new Internet programming languages norms, I had to rewrite the entire website architecture and deep dive into tons of code lines.

My pictures are under  CC-BY license. If you wish, you can lawfully use them to illustrate your documents or  decorate your decks, to define a screen wallpaper. However if you decide to use them for commercial purposes, you are always allowed to share a few royalties with any charity of your choice or offer a camera to your neighbour next door. Last but not lease, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Some of these pictures already feature in participatory projects. You can find them back in Canadian encyclopedia AGORA and in WIKIPEDIA. Some help pupils and students lawfully illustrating their works. Certain pictures illustrate books published by OREP, Pas de Calais tourism office brochures.

 All of them are here to share the emotions one can feel when they witness these unique moments when the eye absorbs light and beauty.

Jean-Luc Bailleul.